Robotics and Coding

Why Robotic Training?

When young people choose which profession they will choose in the future, it is expected that they will be dominated by technology.

In today’s digital world, coding; mathematics and literacy has become a fundamental requirement.

Coding is best to be learned in early years. Learning to code is like learning a foreign language.

Children acquire the concepts of sorting, circulation and conditions as soon as they get acquainted.

According to the investigations tha have been made, one of every 3 children meets electronic devices like computeror a smart phoneor a tablet has not yet learned a conversation.

After learning coding, children are turning the devices they use into useful tools.

When they learned Coding.  games that children imagine and practice. allowing them to develop a lot of software.

The International Maarif Schools – Erbil aims to provide students with information that will be an indispensable part of their future business life.


Importance of learning Coding

Coding puts innovation into action. It is a basic capability for our children to lead technological advances.

Coding allows children to be creative. They can really sign into  great projects.

Coding provides confidence. Introducing the projects that children develop to their families and friends gives them great strength.

Coding succeeds in other areas. Programming education; mathematics, literacy and science.


The Basics of Encoding – Algorithm

Algorithm; a logical representation of all the processes required for a problem or a solution to a problem.

In addition to programming or software development, the concept of algorithms is used in everyday activities, mathematics, and so on. it makes it easier to solve the problems in the lessons.


Easy and Fun Learning

Children can be bored and lost their enthusiasm when they meet directly with traditional coding languages such as C # or JavaScript.


The International Maarif Schools – Erbil removes the negativity by teaching children the fun concepts that are necessary for children to code in all programming languages.

Our training method; is that the software used in real life is transmitted in a way that children and young people can learn. In this model, students are taught on an individual, rather than theoretical, basis.


Programming = Better Mathematical Skill + Fun

Abstract mathematical concepts can be compelling for many children and can completely remove them from the subject. Encoding training allows children to visualize these abstract concepts.

Coding style of thinking; logical approach, data analysis and organization, and resolving problems by dividing them into small and manageable pieces.

In other words, coding is the way to teach mathematical thinking in real life.

Daha Fazla Oku

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