About Us

About Us

International Maarif School – Erbil has started its activities in 2018. The main purpose of our school; is to educate younger generations who will contribute to the development of Erbil by providing qualified education to the students. Our Erbil school, with a total student capacity of 1200, provides education services from kindergarten to secondary school.

The school building includes spacious homeroom classes, specialist classes for music, art, ICT labs, PE (Physical Education) and Turkish, science laboratories, a library, and state-of-the-art kitchens equipped to cater for 1200 students as well as a spacious cafeteria. In addition, the school hosts a 500 seat concert hall, practice rooms for musicians, teaching rooms for piano and violin classes and a library with 12000 printed materials.

The school also include a separate building, playground and cafeteria for kindergarten. 

The school campus includes a gymnasium and world class indoor and outdoor sports courts for tennis, football, basketball and volleyball.

The school is under surveillance of well-trained security staff and security cameras 7/24.

Area of school grounds: 75,000 m2

Inside floor space (school premises): 33,000 m2

Garden and outdoor play areas: 8,000 m2

Number of classrooms: 70

World class concert halls: 1

Number of staff apartments: 68

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